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November 5, 2017 Oliver Prislan

This example shows how Jupyter Notebook can be used to calibrate the metering of current. To install Jupyter follow the instruction on Let’s assume we have a current sensor connected to an Ardunio performing the analog reading of the sensor and converting it into a digital signal that is sent to a Raspberry Pi via…

Juni 2, 2016 pzafiris (Stand: 02.06.2016 11:20)

Juni 2, 2016 pzafiris

Nano default settings: 25 mA, 225 mW Nano alle 1000ms eine Variable hochzählen 26,3 mA, 236,7 mW Den Arduino in den Schlaf Modus setzen und wieder aufwecken. 8 mA während Schlaf 72 mW ; 30,4 mA während Aufwecken 273,6 mA  

Mai 16, 2016 Oliver Prislan

Illumination Sensor  (BH1750) it uses I2C-bus and gives lightening levels in lux. The sensor can be obtained for ~2€ (if ordered from China) The library can be downloaded from and coppied into the arduino library folder. The Arduino Nano uses analogue port A4 and A5 for I2C.   Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT22) the…