Energie Audit

Energy Audit Phases
Energy Audit Phases

The Energy Audit is a fundamental step creating an Energetic Baseline for all subsequent actions.

  • The process usually starts with a pre-audit meeting defining the scope and expected outcome of energy audits. It enables estimating effort and determining the timeplan.
  • Scoping :  Based on the EU Energy Efficiency Directive ( EED 27/2012/EU ) every country implemented their own energy law. Due to this different requirements for the energy audits prevail. E.g. in Germany BAfA requests 90% coverage of all energy consumers. It is therefore mandatory to check the national requirements.
    On the other hand this facilitates selecting sites with significant energy relevance. Only for those sites the energy data must be available.
    We can assist you with the extraction of data from invoices, measurement protocols or perform measurements.
  • Clustering : e.g. according to the BAfA guidelines, a Multi-Site-Clustering can be applied when multiple sites can be divided into meaningful classes (clustering). This can significantly reduce the overall cost of energy audits.
    Subsequently, the essential energy consumers are determined for the selected locations. For this we provide a checklist, which structures the process and saves time.
  • Missing information can be completed at the audit at latest.
  • A preliminary summary concludes this section.
  • Access to all relevant rooms must be guaranteed.
  • An audit report will be prepared according to the specified scope. This can already contain exact, implementable projects, but in any case it mentions potentials and gives recommendations for areas in which further investigations seem reasonable.
  • Debriefing : the results will be presented and the further course of action will be discussed concluding the audit process.

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