Energy Management Services Applied

Energy Management Services

We help you to save costs with our energy management services and contribute to increasing your profitability and protecting the environment.

Energy management is a largely underestimated discipline that can make a big contribution when applied holistically - taking into account processes and resources.

Unlike many other standards, energy management often pays off quickly when used systematically and pragmatically. That's why Energy Management is more than just another certificate that certifies "compliance" and can be hung on the wall.

Our Energy Management Services are based on objective measurements and detailed analysis. This enables a precise recording of the cause / effect relationships as well as reliable statements about expected savings.

Each project is created in a business plan / business case. It compares investment and operating costs with subsidies and savings. This allows each project to be evaluated in terms of payback interval and profitability / return on investment. On this basis, the implementation is controlled and evaluated upon it's completion.

Our Energy Management Services assist you with:

  • Energy audits (internal audits in the context of DIN EN 16247 and in preparation for ISO 50001)
  • Energy Measurements (Measurement Equipment and Data Analysis)
  • Introduction and Operation of an Energy Management System
  • Project Development / Management, Profitability Analysis, and Process Automation
  • Energy Procurement,
  • and the administration e.g. when applying for funding, etc.

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Special Focus Area

With decades of data center experience, this area is one of our key expertise.

Data Centers and their Infrastructure

Data centers have specific requirements for both power and cooling.

  • The power supply to the computers must be uninterrupted and accurate.
  • The large heat loads generated have to be dissipated by complex cooling systems be.
  • The limits for CO2 content, humidity and temperature must be controlled by the cooling and ventilation systems of the computer rooms.

As all these sub-systems influence each other, they should be considered holistically. This is a requirement in many other different applications of energy management.

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