This is the homepage of Prismatec.

This text is hidden and is only used for SEO optimization. The keyword PRISMATEC must appear in the first section. The home page should not be crowded to make the overview easier. The rating of the pages also seems to depend on the text length. Therefore each page should contain at least 300 words. Since the start page is the entry point for the bot, links to the content for which the page ranking is important should be found here. Even these sentences seem to be too long. Three-word sentences are difficult. But not impossible! Yoast suggests that we should also use 10% indirect speech. In addition, transition words should be included. However, Yoast does not speak German transitional words, which makes the evaluation run into the void. That's why I'm looking forward to the result. Anyway, we are now slowly approaching the three hundred words. Even if they are just hidden.
A list of "Tansitional Words" in English is this:
Type of relation Examples of transition words
enumerate and, first of all, so, another, more, finally, in addition
cause because, so, due to, while, since, therefore
same, less, rather, while, opposite, much as, either
conclusion as a result, hence, consequently, therefore, in conclusion
fuzzy signals seems like, maybe, probably, almost
Most important, most noteworthy, especially relevant
By the appearance of this table, the counter has increased. Yoast can probably recognize no "indirect speech" in German at the moment. Nor does it have a list of German transitions. Thus, the page rating in German is very questionable. I like their approach despite them. He educates during the writing. I hope that makes it clearer. Now I have the 300 cracked.