Energy Management Auditor

M.Sc. Oliver Prislan

Energy Management Auditor «TÜV / BAfA»
Project Manager «PRINCE2 Practitioner»
Process Manager «Lean-6σ Greenbelt»
Enterprise Architect «TOGAF Certified»
Master of Science «Elektrical and Electronical Engineering / Process Information Technology»

Mobile: +49-171-676-2790

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M.Sc. Oliver Prislan

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Working Areas

  • Mr Prislan has been working on energy efficiency since the 1980s. At that time, he worked as an research assistant at an engineering office. He developed software models for insulating boilers and pipes.
  • After successfully studying electrical engineering with a focus on process computer science, he worked as a UNIX and database administrator for six years in the Mannesmann Group. Being promoted, he worked there as an expert in mobile network planning and operations and maintenance in international mobile communications projects.
  • He then joined Verizon as the Network Planning Manager - one of the world's largest mobile and fixed-line operators. Mr. Prislan consequently he extended his skills in software development. He is a mentor and supervisor of diploma theses and internships in the areas of: Energy Management, Sensor Networks as well as Software Architecture and Software Development. He has received multiple internal awards for software development.
  • While optimization of networks, data centers and their locations, he has acquired more and more expertise in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Cooling (HVAC) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), DC Power Systems).

Methodological knowledge:

  • Energy Management Auditor / TÜV certified and BAfA registered auditor - Oliver leads Verizon's Energy Management Program in Europe and conducts internal audits.
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management - In order to operate data centers effectively, the interaction of all components - especially cooling - is crucial. Oliver records, analyzes and optimizes various parameters in order to continuously reduce energy consumption. Here, his experience in system integration and the broad basic knowledge of electrical engineering and physics can fully unfold.
  • Data Analytics / IoT - The data captured from the data center processes are being correlated to gain deeper understanding of the subsystems while orchestrated. Oliver defines necessary metrics, metering plans and implements the analytics based on Python to visualize the effects and interdependencies.
  • Process Optimization - In some cases, process optimization is the foundation for energy optimization. With a certification as Lean-6 σ-Greenbelt Oliver has the methods and techniques for this.
  • Project Management - Mr. Prislan manages programs and larger projects and his project managers and develops/initiates projects. As a Certified PRINCE2 practitioner, he follows a product-related approach that also uses Scrum elements. Each project is developed on the basis of a business case. This puts the benefits at the center and allows for review.

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