Energy Management

We help you to save costs and to protect the environment - with our energy management knowledge.

Energy management is often underestimated. It can make a big contribution if it is used wisely.

Our energy management services are based on objective measurements and detailed analysis. This enables a precise analysis of the cause / effect relationships as well as reliable statements about expected savings.

Our experience in the energy management of container locations, buildings, industrial facilities and, most of all, data centers, makes us your flexible, unbureaucratic partner.

Project and Process Management

We pursue a product-based project management approach. Each project is compiled in a business plan that compares investment and operating costs with funding and savings. This allows each project to be assessed independently.

In some cases, it makes sense to review the underlying production or service process and then optimize it. In addition to improved quality it often results in lower costs.

With our experience in managing energy efficiency programs and expertise in process optimization, our services consciously go beyond pure energy management.

Data Management and -Analysis

To make the best decisions you needed extensive knowledge. This knowledge is based on information. These you derive from the underlying data.

We support you in creating measurement plans, collecting and analyzing the data and preparing them in simple dashboards.

Based on many years of experience in the analysis of networks, we have developed tools that can process and comprehensively display large volumes of data safely and promptly.

Software Architecture and -Development

In order to optimize your energy management effort, standard tasks should be automated. This requires the energy management- and measuring systems are integrated as much as possible.

In addition, the interfaces should be designed and implemented open and extensible. This saves operating costs on the longer run.

Implementing this requires an architect and software integrator, who understands the domain. With our experience in this field, we provide you with experts who will help you from beginning to end.